The Boom Clap Podcast

Surviving the Internet

November 21, 2021

In today's episode, we talk about human behaviour on the internet (and in real life, too).

We play a clip of a man responding to the brutal remarks her received on the internet and listen as he describes the dark pit it has sent him to.

We discuss how the people of the world feel compelled to "pick a team" and to associate their whole identity with the labels that the team proudly wears, while simultaneously disregarding and discarding those who wear a different label or may appear to be on a "different team."

The toxicity of the past couple of years has turned people against each other and has moved us away from what love really is.

The goal for this episode is to prepare us all with the tools and knowledge we need to engage well, communicate with kindness, and form resilience as we strive not to pick a team, but to lead with love.


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