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Tommy John

Tommy John

January 16, 2022

This Interview with Tommy John is a must-listen. There is so much to learn from his anything-but-mainstream way of thinking about the miraculous nature of the body and healing.

Tommy gives us the details on burning his degrees, insight into what he means by “you heal you”, a run through the “8 essentials” and just some really good thought provoking conversation.



Early Treatment: Prepared, Proactive

Early Treatment: Prepared, Proactive

January 9, 2022

A discussion of how my (Rita’s) family handled COVID. I run down what we did, but most importantly the thought process behind it. So many people want to know what they can do at home at onset of symptoms and the healthcare system is not obliging.


This episode is not medical advice. It is simply information, a story of personal decisions we made in our care, what we did and why. Each individual is responsible for the decisions they make and care they do or do not seek out.


Plan ahead, be prepared.

(Monoclonal distribution list)

(Sulfur article)

The Greatest Story

The Greatest Story

December 19, 2021

Today we're saying goodbye to 2021 with a simple episode. The foundation of our podcast is values and truth. Our values come from the truth, which comes from Jesus Christ.

We go through the Christmas story and the gospel today. We marvel at the truth of what Christ has done for us, and the hope that He offers. No matter how dark the world may be, the light of Christ has already won.

Thanks for being with us this year. We can't wait to come back in 2022!

The Reality of a Broken System

The Reality of a Broken System

December 12, 2021

In today's episode, we talk about the realities of what a broken healthcare system looks like, and the effect it has on the people that rely on it. We compare and contrast the experiences in the US and Canada, and discuss the spectrum of care, from home and community care to the ICU.

We also touch on the fragility of humans, and how much of that can be traced back to the broken education system. We talk about the rising rates of depression, anxiety and suicide and the need for a better way.

We wrap it up by talking about our role within our government systems, elections, and Yellowstone. Yes, the show Yellowstone.

Watch Out for the Dogs

Watch Out for the Dogs

December 5, 2021

Do you ever have it where you and a friend start talking about one thing, and then before you know it you're talking about a whole bunch of things?

That's what happened on today's recording. We went in with a clear mission and it evolved as the episode progressed.

Today we discussed responsibility - namely the fact that what happens in our lives is ultimately our responsibility. Raising our kids is our responsibility as parents. Protecting them is our responsibility. Shaping them, training them, loving them... it's on us.

We live in a time where more and more power is being given to institutions, governments and the "experts" within those. In this episode, we're peeling it back to the roots. Our lives and our children are OUR responsibility.

Philippians 3:2-3

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Q&A… and O.

Q&A… and O.

November 28, 2021

You asked... we answered! This Q&A episode is really a Q, A and O episode... Questions, answers and opinions.

This episode was a lot of fun to record. We got a look into the things that you're interested in hearing and had some laughs and meaningful moments as we talked through our answers.

We covered everything from covid, family, faith, and health, as well as how we came to be friends and what our relationship is like.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording this one!

Surviving the Internet

Surviving the Internet

November 21, 2021

In today's episode, we talk about human behaviour on the internet (and in real life, too).

We play a clip of a man responding to the brutal remarks her received on the internet and listen as he describes the dark pit it has sent him to.

We discuss how the people of the world feel compelled to "pick a team" and to associate their whole identity with the labels that the team proudly wears, while simultaneously disregarding and discarding those who wear a different label or may appear to be on a "different team."

The toxicity of the past couple of years has turned people against each other and has moved us away from what love really is.

The goal for this episode is to prepare us all with the tools and knowledge we need to engage well, communicate with kindness, and form resilience as we strive not to pick a team, but to lead with love.


BONUS EPISODE - Chaos and Control

BONUS EPISODE - Chaos and Control

November 19, 2021

We weren't planning this, but we ended up with a bonus episode this week!

Today, we're discussing the chaos that has come from the flooding in Cecily's home province of BC and the control that the CDC, FDA and NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) are trying to exert on nurses and the scientific process in general.

Chaos and control. And the human response.


The Peace of Preparedness

The Peace of Preparedness

November 14, 2021

Today, we are interviewing Amber Elle. Amber is a homeschooling mom of 3 kids, the ultimate mama-bear and the Director of Family Preparedness and Women's Development for Fieldcraft.

Amber talks us through living, parenting and preparing... not from a place of fear, but from a place ofpeace and capability.

We talk practicalities, mindset, the sanctity of life and how to protect it.

We are confident that you will come away from this episode feeling inspired, empowered... and capable.


First Things First

First Things First

November 7, 2021

In today's episode, we're putting first things first. The world keeps on spinning, different things are competing for our attention, the life we always knew is changing, and we experience loss. But through it all, we can choose to order things rightly, or go with the flow.

We also talk about the goals we have for our own lives in hopes of encouraging you to think of the goals you have for your life. We're in a moment in time where many of us are being forced to shift gears and re-imagine. What do you want your life to stand for? What do you want your life to look like?



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