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Should Your Kids Have a Smartphone?

Should Your Kids Have a Smartphone?

July 11, 2022

While it may sound alarmist, the truth is that our kids are in digital danger. Whether it's online predators, pornography, the new world of virtual reality and the upcoming metaverse, the comparison trap of social media, or the addiction of screen time, it's our job as parents to see the problem and look for healthy solutions.

In this episode, we talk to Anne Marie McDonald, the Chief Parent Officer at Gabb Wireless. Gabb Wireless is the company behind the safest phones in the world. We draw on Anne Marie's expertise to touch on all the issues listed above. She provides excellent information while encouraging calm, rational solutions, to help our kids use tech as a tool rather than trouble.


Terror in NYC, Uvalde Unfolds

Terror in NYC, Uvalde Unfolds

June 26, 2022

This episode is like listening in on a phone call between Rita and Cecily as we catch up on life and family and talk about some of the things going on in the world:

+ 900 Dirt Bikes Being Bull-Dozed in New York

+ Abortion

+ A Little More Detail About Uvalde

We go from laughing near the beginning to some pretty heavy stuff near the end, but make sure to focus our eyes on hope and peace in the midst of it.


To Speak or Not to Speak? Knowledge or Wisdom? And What is the Goal of our Parenting?

To Speak or Not to Speak? Knowledge or Wisdom? And What is the Goal of our Parenting?

June 19, 2022

Today we're talking with our good friend, Shanda Fulbright of the Her Faith Inspires Podcast.

We live in a noisy world, and sometimes it's hard to have a podcast and add our conversation to a world that already feels saturated. We talked to Shanda about what it looks like to pursue wisdom, pursue truth and speak with discernment.

We then discuss parenting: why does it seem like the conversation among parents is always about school, sports and achievements? Why is the conversation rarely about Jesus, faith, the gospel... the things that Christians profess to care about the most?

We're called to walk differently- we hope the Holy Spirit uses this episode to encourage your family to put first things first, prioritize a biblical worldview, and live and love with an eternal perspective.


Pride, Entitlement and ILL-Logic: Trans agenda, Hospital staffing, Gun law advocate commits gun crime

Pride, Entitlement and ILL-Logic: Trans agenda, Hospital staffing, Gun law advocate commits gun crime

June 12, 2022

Did you hear about the man arrested for plotting to kill Supreme Court Justice Kavinaugh? Wait until you hear WHY he sought to kill him.

The trans movement is targeting our children, but most importantly adults who don’t agree are scared to speak out. While we do need to be focused on protecting our kids, our biggest focus needs to be raising them in such a way that they’ll be able to withstand the pressure to bend as adults... that’s when it gets really tough.

When it comes to the trans movement what is being promoted as the general consensus is really minority mob rule. The healthcare community that promotes it, can’t even fully buy in. Guess why: SCIENCE. I arm you with some interesting tidbits from bedside care.

Finally I discuss the PRIDE issue in healthcare administration’s inability to admit their mistakes, which is further harming their staffing and share their solution... you may or may not be surprised at the literal lengths they are going to get staff.

LIberty is never free… and rarely cheap.

LIberty is never free… and rarely cheap.

June 5, 2022

+ Cecily's sister met a lady who flew from the US to Canada who says they were told to put on masks as soon as they entered Canadian air space... WHAT???

+ We discuss morality - whether it's subjective or objective and where it even comes from.

+ The bulk of the episode is built upon this concept of liberty never being free and rarely cheap... yet so many Canadians and Americans expect life to be a walk in the park. But perhaps the freedoms we enjoy here demand a little something of us in return.

+ We wrap it up by discussing how history is built upon the One who suffered - Jesus Christ. We talk about biblical examples of suffering and also dip into Revelation to understand the root of suffering and our place in it.

Common Sense and Good Intentions: Moral Decay Requires a Divine Solution

Common Sense and Good Intentions: Moral Decay Requires a Divine Solution

May 29, 2022

The tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has broken hearts and further shaken a population in turmoil.

This is a delicate topic and we did our best to examine as many sides of it as we could. We discuss the actual event, the timeline, and the emergency response.

We also discuss some of the proposed solutions, such as gun control, social emotional learning and secure classrooms.

As we always do on The Boom Clap Podcast, we try to evaluate the root cause... moral relativism and societal rot being near the top of the list. Ultimately, legislation is important, but transformed hearts with an eternal perspective will be the most revolutionary solution of all.



Adversaries or Allies? Living in an Argument Culture…

Adversaries or Allies? Living in an Argument Culture…

May 22, 2022

Today we're interviewing Matt Shantz, the lead pastor of the church Cecily works at and attends, and the host of The Deep Thoughts Podcast.

This conversation is about disagreement and division... which I think most of us have experienced over the past couple of years. What makes this conversation unique is that Cecily and Matt actually DO have some disagreements; this is precisely why we thought he would be a good guest to have on for this topic.

We discuss the argument culture we live in, the temptation to view people as adversaries or allies rather than as fellow image-bearers, what we wish we would have done differently over the past couple of years, and what has been learned.


CRT and Abortion With Samuel Sey

CRT and Abortion With Samuel Sey

May 15, 2022

CRT (critical race theory) and abortion are currently two big front of mind topics. Samuel Sey sits down to discuss these issues from a Biblical perspective.

Samuel tells us his story of his upbringing and coming to Christ.

We ask him what it means to be, “slow to write” and if he finds it a challenge to maintain that demeanor in a climate that rewards the first to comment on any given event or situation.

The conversation ends up weaving into a discussion on standing firm in our mutual desires to lead well in a culture of short attention spans and self love.


Ministry of Truth and Covid Jail

Ministry of Truth and Covid Jail

May 8, 2022

In the first half of this episode, we talk about the Disinformation Governance Board... perhaps better known as The Ministry of Truth. ;) What does it mean to give control over what is true and false or right and wrong to a board of arbitrarily appointed people? We also talk about bill C-11 in Canada, which also has many reasons for us to be wary.

At the back half of the episode, we interview Mason, a Shanghai resident who recently got out of what he calls "Covid Jail." Mason and his girlfriend were forced to go to a Covid quarantine camp, and he tells us the full story.

Shanghai may seem far off, but it is incredibly relevant. Mason mentions that what's happening in Shanghai is the consequence of an overly compliant society. As we here in North America face things like the Disinformation Governance Board, we would be well served to keep that timely warning in mind.

Shanghai Lockdown: First-Hand Account

Shanghai Lockdown: First-Hand Account

May 1, 2022

This may be one of the most (if not THE most) important episodes we've ever done. We chat with Elizabeth Lui who has been living in China for 17 years, the bulk of which has been in Shanghai.

She walks us through the reality of what is happening right now in Shanghai and her words tell of a haunting humanitarian crisis while ringing a shrill warning bell.

This is not an episode to be missed... we cannot state that clearly enough. She takes us through every bit of the restrictions and the impact it has had on their lives. From splitting 1 egg between 2 people for food conservation to disguising herself in a hazmat suit to go outside. Again... this story NEEDS to be heard.

Listen to this important episode, share it to be part of the moving this message forward, and join us in thanking Elizabeth for her courage in speaking out!


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